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Overview Surplus Radio Equipment

My collection Surplus radio equipment is expanding a lot…., here is an overview:

RT-77/GRC-9 transceiver 2-12 MHz:

  • RT-77 GRC-9 L.T.G. St. Cloud, serial-nr. 379 with French textmarkings
  • RT-77 GRC-9 ERGMT/SO, serial-nr. 2638 with US textmarkings
  • antenna parts MS-116, MS-117 and MS-118 and IN-127 in bag BG-174
  • antenna bracket FT-515
  • ground pins GP-27-A
  • counterpoises CP-12 and CP-13
  • antenna wires GY-12 and GY-42
  • mounting MT-350
  • bag BG-172
  • bag CW-140/GRC for carrying the GRC-9
  • box BX-53 with spare tubes and signal lamps
  • DY-88-FR dynamotor serial-nr. 272 year 1972 with French textmarkings
  • DY-88-GY dynamotor serial-nr. 3050111 with US textmarkings
  • DY-88-GY dynamotor serial-nr. 3050732 with US textmarkings
  • microphone T-17
  • microphone T-45 with junctionbox SW-141
  • loudspeaker LS-7-GY
  • CW key J-45
  • headset HS-30
  • missing: AT-101 and AT-102
  • missing: hand generator GN-58 with long cable CD-1086 and bag BG-175

R-77/GRC receiver 2-12 MHz:

  • R-77 receiver + mounting + carryage-bag with German textmarkings

Tube testers:

  • Tube tester I-177-A, Simpson Electric CO, Chicago IL, serial-nr. 1891
  • Tube tester I-177-B, Triplett Elec.Instr.Co Bluffon Ohio serial-nr: 2041
  • Tube Socket Adapter Kit MX-949A/U, Mungston MFG & Service INC
  • Tube Socket Adapter Kit MX-949A/U, Mungston MFG & Service INC nr. 1495

Racal receiver 0-30 MHz:

  • Racal RA-17L receiver 0-30 MHz, serial-nr. 3341 RL Year (RL = dec 1960)

Radioset AN/GRC-3-4-5-6-7-8:

  • Receiver R-108/GRC (20 – 28 MHz in FM mode) serial-nr. 52900413 (1952)
  • Receiver R-110/GRC (38 – 55 MHz in FM mode) serial-nr. 340 (1962)
  • Power Supply PP-112/GR (for the RT-66/GRC, RT-67/GRC or RT-68/GRC)
  • RT-70 tranceiver Telefunken serial-nr. 52707360
  • AM-65/GRC AF amplifier Telefunken serial-nr. 52808855
  • Mounting MT-297/GR (is by a friend)
  • Mounting MT-300/GR
  • bag CW-331/GR for the RT-70 with AM-65/GRC
  • loudspeaker LS-166/U
  • handset H33/PT
  • control box C-375/VRC


The tube tester I-177-A is dated before June 1949, but it is mounted in a carrying-case with a ID-plate mentioned a type I-177-B version, so somebody placed the tester in a wrong case !

The tube tester I-177-B is dated somewhere in the year 1952 or later.

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  1. Enrique

    Hola estoy interesado en adquirir una SEM 25 o una SEM 52 tienes alguna para vender o sabes de alguien que las venda?

    Tambien preguntarte que tengo una SEM 35 con una antena vehicular, MS-116 pero no se como ponerla como antena para la SEM me podrias hechar un cable?

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